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[KR] [Short KR Patch Notes] Jan 26th - Flow: Tempest nerf reverted, small fixes

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After an Emergency Maintenance on Jan 26th(Fri), Flow: Tempest nerf from Yesterday's KR Patch Notes was reverted along with some small changes/fixes. 


Flow: Tempest will recover 150 HP, as it used to. The AoE will be the same as the AoE before the Jan 25th update. 


Fixed an issue where the Ranger consumed MP twice when using Blasting Gust consecutively by using Evasive Shots.  


Fixed an issue where the locations where you can exchange trash items with other items were not properly displayed. 


You can now connect wagons in Stables. Imperial Horse Training will be available Stables as well. 


Fixed an issue where the icon for Quest Book was on the Equipment window. 

Inventory window and Equipment window will not overlap anymore.