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[KR] Main Updates for the BDO KR Patch Notes January 25th

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◆ Main Updates for the BDO KR Patch Notes January 25th

◆ Characters

- Improved Attack Efficiency for AP 160~243

ㄴDamage will increase by 9.59% maximum, 0.71% minimum depending on AP

- Rabam’s Enlightenment (Enhanced Skill) for the Lahn added
ㄴ Skills for level 56, 57 added simultaneously

◆ Items

- Grunil, Rocaba Set Effect changed
ㄴ Changed from Helmet/Gloves, Armor/Shoes Set Effect to 2 Pieces, 3 Pieces Set Effect

- Now you can see the Set Effect at the bottom of the gear UI

◆ Content

- Items under the Enhancement/Reform - Black Stone Category can be purchased regardless of the minimum price if their Buy buttons are activated at the Marketplace.
ㄴ Although only the minimum price can be bidded.

- Individual Battle added
ㄴA system in which a maximum of 10 people will divide into two teams by 5vs5 and fight in a total of 3 rounds.

- New guild boss monster, ‘Ahib’s Griffon’ added
ㄴCan loot High-Quality items including Griffon Helmet, JIN/BON/WON Magic Crystal - Viper, etc

More detailed translation of the patch notes will be posted soon! Please wait!