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[KR] Main updates from BDO KR (Jan 18th)

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▶Artisan's Memory Change

-Artisan's Memory will recover 4x more durability.

▶When you enhance an item to PEN, your family name will be written on the item.

▶Marketplace changes
- Marketplace registration queue time will be 15 minutes.
- Items will have 12.5% more chance of being pre-ordered.
- You can buy the item that you have placed a bid on even when a cheaper one is registered after your bid.

▶3D mini map has been added.

- The 3D mini map shows geographical elevation and land structures.
- You can switch back to the original 2D mini map.
- The 3D mini map doesn't show party member's location and quest objective directions.

Detailed patch notes are currently being translated, so please wait!

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    level 1 Kapi_Heartlilly

    Pretty nice the 3D Map, but especially the change where we get higher preorder chance!

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