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Black Desert Online Global Lab Patch Notes June 27th - Kunoichi Buffs, Cron Meal Buffs, and UI Optimizations

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●New passive skills that increase the amount of experience gained from gathering and alchemy has been added.

Skill Effect
Master of Gathering I~V 5% ~ 25% increased EXP to Gathering life skill
Master of Alchemy I~V 5% ~ 25% increased EXP to Alchemy life skill



●The knowledge rank you have on a monster will be displayed on screen, above the monster's health bar when attacking it. 

● The buff bar has been improved for better visuality and clarity.
● Some buffs' icons have been unified into 1. (Example: T9 horse skill buffs)


● Wheel of Wrath's '1 Hit Air Attack' and '2 Hit Down Attack' will now apply properly.
● Wheel of Wrath's 1 Hit Attack and 2 Hit Attack's damage will be applied to its targets immediately and spontaneously upon cast. 
● 'Chain Crash: Sah Chakram' will now pull monsters to Kunoichi on successful hits. 
● Halo will now decrease its targets' DP on successful hits. 
● The combo fluidity from 'Flow: Chakram Rise' to 'Wheel of Wrath' has been smoothened and improved. 
● The following commands have been added for 'Flow: Indignation'
- RMB after casting 'Flow: Wrath'
- RMB after casting 'Danse Macabre'
● Lunatic Discus' final 3 strikes' attack range has been increased. The attack will be more centered and concentrated. 
● Pressing both LMB and RMB at the same time will now prioritize the LMB skill over the RMB one. 
● An issue where Sah Chakram Training's horizontal slash's number of hits was reduced has been fixed. 
● An issue where Lethal Spin Spree's number of hits was reduced when attacking in a certain direction has been fixed. 
● When casting Lethal Spin Spree, holding on to LMB will add two additional spins (4 hits per spin).
● Delighted Blast now has a 100% critical hit chance in PVE. 
● Sah Spree of Sonan's PVE damage has been increased for when the skill is not on cooldown:

Before After
572% x3, max 4 hits 714% x3, max 4 hits
676% x3, max 4 hits 854% x3, max 4 hits
771% x3, max 4 hits 994% x3, max 4 hits
868% x3, max 4 hits 1134% x3, max 4 hits



● The following Cron Meals have been buffed: Exquisite Cron Meal, Energizing Cron Meal, and Simple Cron Meal.

Meal Before After
Exquisite Cron Meal -All AP +8
-All Accuracy +15
-Movement Speed +2
-Critical Hit +2
-All Evasion +15
-Max HP +150
-All Resistance +4%
-Ignore All Resistance+4%
-All AP +8
-All Accuracy +15
-Attack Speed +2
-Casting Speed +2
-Movement Speed +2
-Critical Hit +2
-All Evasion +15
-Max HP +150
-Max Stamina +200
-All Resistance +4%
-Ignore All Resistance +4%
-Back Attack damage +5%
-Critical Hit Damage +5%
Energizing Cron Meal -Extra AP against Monsters +13
-Attack Speed +2
-Casting Speed +2
-Critical Hit +2
-Chance to gain Knowledge +5%
-Chance to Gain Higher-Grade -Knowledge +2%
-Weight Limit +100LT
-Down Attack damage +5%
-Extra AP against Monsters +25
-Attack Speed +2
-Casting Speed +2
-Movement Speed +2
-Critical Hit +2
-Chance to gain Knowledge +10%
-Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +5%
-Weight Limit +100LT
-Down Attack damage +5%
-Reduced Damage Intake from Monsters -6%
-Resistance to Heatstroke & Hypothermia +10%
Simple Cron Meal -Extra AP against Monsters +13
-Combat EXP +10%
-Skill EXP +5%
-Attack Speed +1
-Casting Speed +1
-Movement Speed +2
-Critical Hit +2
-Max HP +150
-Extra AP against Monsters +20
-Combat EXP +20%
-Skill EXP +10%
-Attack Speed +2
-Casting Speed +2
-Movement Speed +3
-Critical Hit +2
-Max HP +150 
-Reduced Damage Intake from Monsters -6%



● Ash Forest's recommended AP and DP has been changed to 300 and 400 respectively. 
- Ash Forest's monsters are the current strongest in the BDO universe. They should be approached with caution. 


● The 3 Campsite Tent buffs have been unified into 1. 
- The buff will last 90 minutes.
- The buff will cost 1 million silver.


An issue where pressing 'R' while mounted near an NPC rendered the character unable to dismount has been improved on.
- Pressing 'R' while holding down 'S' (Moving backward) will allow you to dismount even when there is an NPC around. (S+R)

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