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[KR] BDO KR Patch Notes Mar 15th: Changes to Lahn and Mystic, New gathering tool for mini game added

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New Event: Daily, Happy Play Time
  -  From March 16th to March 22nd
  -  Get surprise gifts every hour for one week!

New Event: Fishing hours in Spring
  -  From March 15th March 29th
  -  Chance to get Yellow fish will increase in certain areas.



The damage of Bow Skill during mounted combat has changed to 150% * 2, to be consistent with the actual skill description.

Fixed the graphical glitch with Venecil Dress during certain emotes.

Fixed an issue where the Ranger’s underwear was visible when running while wearing the Marod Star costume.

The Marod Star costume will look more natural when the Ranger is mounted on a horse and sprinting.

Fixed an issue where the top underwear was still visible after wearing the Marod Star Dress



Fixed the graphical glitch with the Venecil Dress during certain emotes.



The Witch’s hair when wearing a costume with a hat will look more natural during certain emotes.



Fixed an issue where the description regarding Forward Guard was left out from Traces of Assassin (Lv57 Rabam skill)



Fixed an issue where the skill description of Ninjutsu: Decapitation included a sentence regarding spinning targets.



Fixed an issue where Lv57 Rabam skill (Fist of True Strength + Elbow Edge) gave the Martial Spirit buffs (Movement speed and Critical hit).

Iron Fist Fury (Lv57 Rabam skill) will recover 50 HP per hit.

Hurricane Sweep will deal more damage in PvE
  -  415% * 5 > 830% * 5
  -  The damage when the skill is on cooldown has increased as well.

Spiral Torpedo will not recover HP anymore.

Hurricane Sweep will recover a different amount of HP
  -  20 HP per hit > 500 HP upon using the skill (not applied when the skill is on cooldown)

A sentence stating that ‘the below effects will not work when the skill is on cooldown’ has been added to the skill description of Hurricane Sweep. 
  -  All DP -10 for 10 seconds
  -  Knockdown on flying kicks
  -  Bound on good hits



The animation before the [Shift + S] mobility skill (in Ultimate skill rank) has been removed.

The cooldown of the [Shift + S] mobility skill (in skill rank I and II) has been reduced to 5 seconds.

When Spring Breeze and Frenzy Wind (non-awakening skills) are on cooldown, Dance of Death and Scream of Confinement (awakening skills) can be used by entering keyboard commands in non-awakening stance.

Flow: Sinister Strike (awakening skill) can be used with quick slots in non-awakening stance.

Phantom Dance (awakening skill) will consume 250 stamina, and the cooldown has been reduced to 1 second. Super Armor will be applied when you use the skill during cooldown.

Connecting to Sideway Crescent Pendulum from Crescent Moon Dance has become easier.

The color of the shoulder part of Karlstein Armor will not change in awakening/non-awakening combat stance.

The graphics of Yuhyeolbe Dress and Karlstein Armor have been improved.



Max and Min Marketplace price for Ultimate Ahkum Armor Set has changed.

High-quality carrot juice and Special carrot juice will recover 50% more HP for mounts.

Targak Steel Shard can be sold to NPC vendors.

You can craft Shining Elixir of Helix (new Drieghan Elixir) with 3 Elixirs of Helix (new Drieghan Elixir) and 1 Blue Reagent.

A new Gathering Tool, Doster’s Steel Hoe, for gathering Lakiahros has been added.
  -  The item can be enhanced, and can be purchased from Material Vendors at Duvencrune, Ahib Border, and Marak Farm.

Magical Manos Hoe has been added to Crafting Notes.

The following items can be stored in Clorince’s Bag.
  -  Fishing Rods, Matchlocks, Guitar, Trumpet, Drum, Flute, Harpoon, Cymbals

Magical Manos Hoe and Doster’s Hoe at enhancement levels 0-9 will have more left clicks. (10 times)

Fixed an issue where mount costumes could not be dyed properly using Merv’s Palette.

When you purchase Clorince’s Bag in the Pearl Shop, you will get a Sealed Clorince’s Bag.
  -  Right click on the item to open it and get Clorince’s Bag. The item will not be refundable once you open it.

The following items can be sold to NPC vendors
  -  Duvencrune Sunset Chandelier
  -  Duvencrune Dawn Chandelier
  -  Duvencrune Bronk Lamp
  -  Duvencrune Hook Lamp

A sentence that says “auto gathering will stop when you collect special items like Sharp Black Crystal Shards or Hard Black Crystal Shards” has been added for the following items.
  -  Empty Bottle
  -  Transparent Empty Bottle
  -  Hardened Empty Bottle
  -  Shining Empty Bottle



You can obtain Deep Blue Hoof Roots, Sharp Black Crystal Shards, and Hard Black Crystal Shards at a low chance when gathering using Empty Bottles.
  -  Auto gathering will stop when you gather Sharp/Hard Black Crystal Shards due to the “cheering” animation.

Movement speed level and buff will not affect the speed at which the character pulls a handcart.

Some objects have been added on the Red Team area in the Red Battlefield.

When more than 3 people leave their team during the Team Battle, the team will lose the battle and the Team Battle will end.
  -  In this case, neither team will get rewards.
  -  The leavers will receive a recorded loss, and will lose Team Battle points.

Blue or higher PEN Gathering Tools will be sold by pre-orders prior to bidding.

An unobtainable title has been removed.

New title, Brilliant Colors, has been added.
  -  Obtainable by killing more than a certain numbers of Kuku Birds.

You can now pre-order items using a Marketplace maid.
  -  Maid cooldown will work even if you only pre-order items.
  -  The money in the Storage of the territory that the character is currently at will be used. In order to cancel the pre-order, you should talk to the Marketplace manager of the territory.

In the Marketplace UI, the pre-order button will appear for the items that don’t have any stock in the Marketplace.

Fixed an issue where items in Storage at other towns were visible when transferring items from Storage to Storage.

Imperial Auction Season 1 has ended. The Imperial Auction will return next season with more valuable items.

Special Strawberry Box * 5 has been added for T2 Crop Workbench at Grana 16 and Grana 17.

Fixed an issue where the Team Battle Score would not be refreshed.

Gathering mini game (Lakiahro) will consume Energy
  -  Young Lakiahro: 20
  -  Thin Lakiahro: 20
  -  Thick Lakiahro: 30
  -  High Quality Lakiahro: 40
  -  Primal Lakiahro: 50



The maximum number of monsters that Manshaum Charm and Manshaum Totem can heal has decreased to 3.

Fixed an issue where some monsters at Red Wolf Town were located at unintended spots.

Fixed an issue where the items you get from butchering certain monsters in Drieghan did not match the type of the monsters.

In order to fix the frame drop in Tshira Ruins, some monsters have been redistributed.


[Quest and Knowledge]

Drieghan quests will be properly sorted out in the Quest window (O).

In the quest description of Growing Thirst #3, a sentence that says you have to receive a quest related to each area from the Black Spirit has been added.

Awkward sentences in the Knowledge description of some Knowledge have been fixed.

A new Drieghan quest chain has been added. You can receive the first quest in the chain from NPC Melana at Tshira Ruins with a level 58 or above character.

Your max energy will increase by 2 by completing the Knowledge category “Foreigners visiting Drieghan”. (13 Knowledge in category)

Your max energy will increase by 1 by completing the Knowledge category “Drieghan Chenga Mythology”. (17 Knowledge in category)

The rewards for the following Drieghan quests have changed.
  -  [Repeat] The proof of exertion: Intermediate Cooking Utensil > Cooking EXP
  -  [Repeat] Elixir of Helix: Intermediate Alchemy Tool > Alchemy EXP
  -  [Repeat] Seiri’s Teacher: Advanced Alchemy Tool > Intermediate Alchemy Tool

Certain Drieghan quests have changed from character-bound quests to account-bound quests.

Guild Subjugation missions have been added for Drieghan.

An account-bound quest where you can get 7 Dragon Slayer Blueprints has been added.

The following repeatable Kamasylvia quests can be accepted even when your CP is over 351.
  -  [Repeat] The most beautiful feather
  -  [Repeat] Smothered in Black Oil
  -  [Repeat] Symbol of Valor
  -  [Repeat] Intact Research Material
  -  [Repeat] Mysterious Competitor
  -  [Repeat] Nutritious meal for the wounded
  -  [Repeat] Evidence of Someone
  -  [Repeat] Bold investment

Awkward sentences in the quest description of “Surge of Ash Fog” have been fixed.

During the “Annoying Jellyfish” quest, the quest objective can be completed by killing Jellyfish with Matchlocks.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Fixed an issue where the characters were not able to move in certain areas of Pila Ku Jail.

Fixed an issue where some resources in Mediah could be gathered twice in a row.

Fixed an issue where some protesting NPCs in Calpheon overlapped with each other.

Fixed the graphical glitch with the carpet in front of Shakatu.

Fixed the abnormal location of the name labels of some NPCs in Kamasylvia.

Fixed an issue where characters could go through certain doors in Drieghan houses.

Fixed an issue where characters would fall from certain spots in Sherekhan’s Grave.

The animations of some NPCs at Drieghan will be improved.

You can interact with NPC Doster at Duvencrune to see the guide on how to use Doster’s Hoe.

Fixed the abnormal geographical features in the arena at Lema Island.



The percentage of exp for each life skill will be written next to each life skill in the My Profile window.

Small icons have been added next to each life skill name in the My Profile window.

When you first open the marketplace notification window, the window will open at the bottom right corner.

A notification sound for the marketplace notification has been added. The option can be checked off at the Marketplace notification window.

Icons for all items have been added in the Marketplace notification window.

The “mini map rotation” option will work properly after the UI reloads.

Crafting Notes will be invisible when you open the Pearl Shop of the Knowledge menu while Crafting Notes are on.

The image on the “purchase” button in the Pearl Shop has changed from a coin to a pearl.

The “cancel” button on the Disconnect window has been removed. A “Move to Tray” button has been added in the Disconnect window.

When you are gifting Pearl items to friends, the sum of the price will be displayed.

The icons for Cutie Bone House and Pointed Ears Cat House in the Pearl Shop will be brighter.

Fixed an issue where the name of the territory was not properly written in the Marketplace if you registered an item in Drieghan.

An animation has been added for when the Fairy gains exp.

Marketplace registration notifications can be dragged outside the game window using the Sticker UI function.

A “Close” button has been added in the Marketplace registration notification windows.

Graphical effects have been added to the marketplace notification icon.

The location of the “recent successful cooking/alchemy results” window has changed, so it does not block your inventory.



A new button “Temporarily Delete Character Information” has been added.
  -  You can use this function if the names of the players who used a Character/Family name change coupon appear as their former names, or the guild name appears as its former name after changing a guild name.

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    level 1 Reitear


    Mistranslated Mystic section 1st line 진"공"권 is the lv57 rabam not 진"격"권.

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      level 1 Yullie

      @Reitear Hi, thank you for letting me know about the error and sorry about the mistranslation. It has been fixed now :) 
    • 0

      level 1 Reitear


      Thanks for the full translation as always 'ㅅ'b

  • 0

    level 1 Thunder_Shade


    Is lahn in a better position now ?

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      Nothing changed since this update :( Although a few skills have been reworked, it wasn't enough to help the Lahn. Players are saying that the Lahn still lacks good mobility skills for PvP.

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    level 1 Ravz_Shadow

    Thank you for all your translation efforts!

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    level 1 coolflare


    Will there be more changes planned to Mystic?

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      level 1 Yullie



      other than the ones mentioned in this patch notes, there aren't any plans for Mystic changes at the moment.

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    level 1 Tetsin01

    Hi. Is there any chance of a small article where you explain the new manos porcessing stone?

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