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[KR] BDO KR Patch Notes September 19th - Node War Reworks, Beer Crate Event begins

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New Event: Chuseok (Korean national holiday) event
  -  From Sept 19th to Oct 4th
  -  Craft Chuseok Bundles and defeat Mammore!

New Event: Chuseok Gifts
  -  From Sept 19th to Oct 4th
  -  Enjoy exp boost hours during the Chuseok holidays, special attendance rewards, and discounts on Book of Training!

New Event: Chuseok Sales
  -  From Sept 19th to Oct 10th
  -  Meet the Chuseok package, which includes 300 LT Weight Limit and a new costume.

New Event: Fall Attendance Rewards
  -  From Sept 21th 00:00 to Oct 24th 24:00

New Event: Beer Season - Imperial Beer Festival
  -  From Sept 19th to Oct 3rd
  -  The season for Beer has returned! Prepare for the special Imperial Delivery Event.



Changing directions while auto-pathing has been improved.
  -  Fixed the awkward animation that was displayed when changing directions while auto-pathing (T).
  -  Fixed the awkward sprinting animation that was displayed when changing directions while auto-sprinting.

Fixed the awkward camera angle when you open the Knowledge menu while your character is facing you.

Movement speed when crouched has increased, and the animation has been improved.



Fixed the issue where Black Spirit: Waltz of Wind II and III did not inflict all AP -10 for 20 seconds on the target.

Fixed the issue where Marod’s Star Kamasylven Sword could not be dyed in Remastered or Ultra mode.

The IMMUNE text will not be displayed while using Spirit’s Shackles.



Fixed the graphical awkwardness in the neck part of Orwen’s Travel Wear while in combat stance.



The text IMMUNE will not be displayed during the grapple motion of the following skills:
  -  Corpse Storm
  -  Rock Smash
  -  Undertaker

Rooting will inflict CC only once.

Fixed the graphical awkwardness of the Noel costume.



Fixed the typo in the skill description of Black Spirit: Terra Sancta.

Fixed the graphical glitch on the hair part in certain character appearances.



The following weapons will look the same from both sides: Liverto Blade, Kzarka Blade

Fixed the issue where the chains on the necklace and the hornbow were too bright when wearing Wind Waker Armor.


[Witch and Wizard]

Fixed the issue where the hit animation was displayed when the Witch/Wizard switches weapon while using Spellbound Heart around world bosses.

Additional animation will be displayed while sprinting.



Fixed the graphical awkwardness in the skin texture in Remastered or Ultra mode.

Fixed the graphical awkwardness in the neck part.

Fixed the graphical awkwardness in the cape of Valoren Armor while using Meteor Shower.



Fixed the graphical awkwardness in the wrist of the Inquirer’s Destiny outfit.



The graphics of Black Spirit: Flash Slash have been edited to match the actual AoE of the skill.



The graphics of Black Spirit: Beheading the Dead have been edited to match the actual AoE of the skill.


[Dark Knight]

Fixed the issue where the Vediant was too bright in Remastered or Ultra mode when the DK is wearing Crown Eagle Armor.



Fixed the graphical awkwardness in the arm part when wearing Blazing Inferno Armor.

Fixed the graphical awkwardness in the show part when equipping Kzarka Gauntlet.



Fixed the graphical awkwardness in the hair in low graphical settings when wearing Canape outfit.



The effect of [Event] Songpyon will not overlap with the effect of other food.

The text “Gathering Item Drop Rate” in the item description of yellow Alchemy Stone of Life has changed to “All Gathering Item Obtain Chance increases”.

Pet specialty of the [Event] Kuku pet has changed.
  -  Find Resources > Detect hostile players

Fixed the issue where Fleece Dining Table could be retrieved with props on it.

Fixed the typo in the description of Black Desert Online Remaster Title.

Power stat has been added to some Galleys, Sailboat and Frigate gear.
  -  [Guild] Galley: Stellar’s Sea Eagle Prow
  -  Epheria Sailboat: Dragon Prow
  -  Epheria Sailboat: Sea Dragon Prow
  -  Epheria Frigate: Ocean Dragon Prow
  -  Epheria Frigate: Dragon Prow

Power stats of the below Galley, Sailboat and Frigate gear have increased.
  -  [Guild] Galley: Cloud Breeze Sail
  -  Epheria Sailboat: Black Breeze Sail
  -  Epheria Sailboat: Blue Wind Sail
  -  Epheria Frigate: Nor’easter Sail
  -  Epheria Frigate: Black Breeze Sail

Fixed the issue where the guild member rank limit to use [Guild] Galley gear was written as “Officer” instead of “above Officer”.



The conditions to participate in the Node War and Node War rules have changed. (The rules will apply for Alliances as well.)
  -  Node War recruitment period and contribution score are subject to change.
  -  In order to participate in the Node War, you have to apply for the Node War during the registration period.
  -  The recruitment period is from 23:00 the day before the Node War from 20:00 on the day of the Node War. Guild Masters and Officers can confirm the final recruitment before the period ends.
  -  Once the recruitment starts, guild members can apply for the Node War in the guild member status window. No adjustments can be made after the final confirmation.
  -  When Guild Masters/Officers confirm the final recruitment, they can select a maximum of 5 additional recruits.
  -  The final number of participating guild members will decide which Node can be selected. Forts can only be built in the Nodes that can be selected.
  -  Forts cannot be built if the guild master did not confirm final recruitment, and a minimum of 10 members must participate in order to build a fort.
  -  Nodes will be divided into 4 tiers. Each node has different number of participants capacity.
  -  The tier of some Nodes has changed. You can check the maximum number of participants in the world map as well.

  -  You can see the contribution score of the Node/Conquest War which was held on that day in the Guild menu (G).
  -  Contribution score will be given as follows:

  -  Destroy Command Post means destroying Conquest War Fort/Command Post/Field HQ, and Destroy Fort means destroying Node War Forts.
  -  The amount of tax you can collect by winning a Node War has changed.
  -  The difference between the tax from each Node has been reduced.
  -  The amount of tax for each node tier is as below:

  -  Tax percentage means the ratio between the total tax and the node tax.

Fixed the abnormal damage that occured when the character is sitting on an Elephant while equipping a Matchlock.

The damage that the characters deal while sitting on an Elephant will be fixed.
  -  The damage has increased by 350%.

When previewing costumes in the Pearl Shop, cape will be displayed by default.

You can hide the cape by clicking on the cape button at the bottom right corner.



Giath’s DP will increase when he is sitting still and concentrating.

Remains of Black Energy will drop from more area. Also, the drop rate has been adjusted.
Overall drop rate has decreased by 90%.
  -  Remains of Black Energy will drop from Abandoned Iron Mine, Wandering Rogue Den, Manes Hideout, Helms Post, and Elric Shrine.
  -  The drop rate has increased by 100% to 150% in Bashim Base, Titium Valley, Desert Naga, Fadus, Polly Forest, Gaktum Village, and Tshira Ruins.

The graphical effects of Tomb Raider Afuaru have changed.


[Quest and Knowledge]

New quests about the pirates, the treasure, and the ancient civilization in the Epheria Sea has been added.

The first quest in the chain starts with Philaberto Falasi. You can start the quest by talking to him if your character has the title “The One to Bind Ties with Falasi”. The quests are available once per family.
  -  The quests will be different depending on which story you decided to tell Falasi.
  -  “The One to Bind Ties with Falasi” is obtainable by completing the [Adventure] Exploring the Calpheon Sea quest chain.

Ghost in Cron Castle NPC will only appear when you have the related quest.

New knowledge “Moment of Glory” has been added in the Northern Calpheon Adventure Journal category.

Fixed the issue where the materials for Boss White Wolf Lure Trap and Boss King Brown Bear Lure Trap was written wrong in the Knowledge window.

Fixed the typo in some knowledge descriptions and NPC lines during certain quests.

The quest Claus can’t Contain can be accepted at level 15 instead of 9.

Muskan will be summoned inside Bloody Monastery during the main quest [Boss] Muskan of Madness.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Fixed the abnormal camera angle while interacting with the villagers in Abun.

Fixed the abnormal location of the quest icon of the soldier NPC near Biraghi Den.

The brightness of the chandelier in Calpheon Library has been adjusted.

Fixed the graphical glitches on some geographical features in Kamasylvia.

Fixed the issue where your character could not escape when stuck between the rocks in Mirumok Ruins.

Fixed the issue where your character could not move properly in some geographical features in Valtarra Western Mountains.

The brightness in some areas in Kamasylvia has been adjusted.

The graphical effects during counter-attacks have been improved.

Fixed the issue where the color of the light was too heavy in graphical settings other than Remastered and Ultra mode.



You can now upload a today’s status message in the Guild Alliance window.

Fixed the issue where some item descriptions were covered by other windows in the Pearl Shop.

Fixed the issue where some icons at the top left corner overlapped when you increase the font size.

Life skill exp in My Profile menu will be displayed with two decimal points.

The following messages will not overlap with each other:
  -  Normal notification messages
  -  Marketplace registration notifications
  -  World boss notifications

The text “Guild Expense” at the bottom left corner of the Guild menu has changed to an icon.

You can now click on the notification messages as well as the icons to open the relevant function.

You can now change settings for the notification messages that appear at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Fixed the issue where you could not click the buttons that are at the bottom of the screen while talking to an NPC.

Fixed the issue where the servers you did not select appeared as they are selected when selecting a server.



Screen saver will not be turned off when you take a screenshot while screen saver is on.

Fixed the issue where the game crashed when you minimize the game when the disconnect window is open.

The text displayed when repairing Sailboat, Frigate, and Galley with gear equipped will be simplified.

The text displayed when repairing Fishing Boat, Raft, and Rowboat will be simplified.

Fixed the issue where unnecessary texts were displayed when you select an empty character slot.

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