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Preview: Updates coming to KR on Feb 14th

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(This week's update will be on Wed, Feb 14th, due to Lunar New Year Holidays in Korea.)

Fairy Raira will be added.
- Fairy Raira will be your friend who will always be on your side.
- Obtainable via quests.

Savage Rift 
- Savage Rift rewards will be different based on your Savage Rift contribution score.
- You can get skill exp from Savage Rift.
- Money rewards will be in forms of silvers, instead of gold bars.
- If your contribution score is above certain point, you will get 100% of the reward.
- If your contribution score is below certain point, you will only get 70% of the reward.
- If your contribution score is very high, you will get 20% additional rewards (i.e. 120% in total).
- If your contribution score is below 10, you will not get any rewards.

- Only money rewards will be affected by contribution scores. Skill/Combat exp will be the same for all players. 

Patrigio's Secret Shop
- Boss weapon boxes are added.
- Separate boss weapons are still available.


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