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[Fishing] Drieghan - Fish Species List - Provisional

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The new fish species for the upcoming Drieghan region were recently added to the data files. From this I made a provisional Drieghan Fish Species list for those interested in fishing in BDO (original thread on the official BDO forum for the EU/NA region).

[Fishing] Drieghan - Fish Species List - Provisional

The data was in KR so I had to find the English names from Google searches etc. The developers tend to use the real world names so this should give a decent idea of the English names but they will probably change for the EU/NA region launch for some. But most are fairly straightforward and others using similar names to ones we have already (i.e. Amur).

The price values are Korean so around +20% to EU/NA region prices.

I include the links to BDOCodex site from the actual KR fish species names so should be of interest to Korean players also I hope.

Pearl Abyss continue to add new Fishing content for the game. In fact the actual content is actually increasing with each new expansion.

Margoria added 9 new species (a few also already in game files but not released at launch) with 6 sea regions. Kamasylvia really added to the fishing content being much more varied than previous freshwater regions, with 8 new freshwater species including two low drop rate, high value yellow quality species (Golden Siniperca and Granges D'Or) and 8 separate fish tables used all over the region.

Now we have Drieghan soon to arrive in Korean and probably sometime in the Summer in EU/NA, with 15 new fish species or all qualities! They may not all get added with the new region but certainly is is great to see this continue development for Fishing in the game.


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