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KR Update Preview: Changes coming to KR on Feb 1st - Mystic nerf

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Mystic's PvP damage will be nerfed.

The money you get from selling an item by pre-order will increase. 

Blue or higher PEN items will have 100% chance of being pre-ordered. 

All Elixirs will have a 10 second cooldown. 

Some auto-pathing routes will be shorter/faster. However, you might have to go through a combat zone. 

Lahn's skills will be reworked. 

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    level 1 Constantin83


    @Yullie - Lahn's skills will be reworked as in visual re-design? Or the damage/status/AOE/stats?
    Im asking this because i have a 60 Lahn and i kinda gave up on her. Even a ninja is farming faster than me at Bashims.
    This is my Lahn equipment: https://imgur.com/XsXrLo9

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      level 1 Yullie

      @Constantin83 Skill mechanics will be reworked! Lahn's skills have more damage, wider AoE, and better stats now. You can check the details when we release the full translated patch notes in a few hours! 
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    level 1 Keldorn_Corbec


    Is this update preview new in KR? I never saw this before.

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      level 1 Yullie


      KR has an official live stream every Wednesday (the day before weekly maintenance) and it gives a brief preview on the updates that will be released the day after. We didn't post anything about this preview before but we decided to post this info in our forum every week from now on :)

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    level 1 Sescho


    all elixirs including whale potions and hp/mp potions ??
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      level 1 lala_lilo


      elixirs are not potions

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      level 1 Yullie


      Elixirs do not include whale potions and hp/mp potions :(

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