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Brief preview on the KR updates that are coming on Jan 25th

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5vs5 Battle System will be added.

- Anyone who is over Level 56 can participate. (Available in the main menu)
- Best of 3
- Round 1 and 2 consist of multiple 1vs1 battles. The winner goes to the next battle and the side that has no members left to fight will lose.
- When Round 1 and 2 ends in a tie, all 5 players will fight in Round 3. (5vs5)

Lahn's Rabam Skills will be added.

New guild raid boss, Ahib's Griffon, will be added.

Pearl Outfit Set Bonus UI will be reworked so you can check the set effects that you currently have in a more clear way.

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    5 Mystics vs 5 Strikers

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