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Family name will be printed on the item tooltip

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As of last week's update in KR, when you enhance an item to PEN, your family name will be printed on the item tooltip.

Someone got PEN Dandelion Scythe a few days ago and here's how the imprinted family name looks like.

As you can see, a sentence that says "This gear was made by the hands of a great adventurer." will be written below the item's AP and his/her family name will be written below the sentence.

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    level 1 Telmo_Avelino

    About time that there is at least SOMETHING apart from straight stats when you get an item to PEN. It is too hard for the item not give you some visual reward on your achievement. For me all PEN items should have their own skin/glow or something that shows what you have, what you worked so hard for. I get the monetization that costumes are in this game, but come on, give us at least some visual reward for getting to the end of the road with PEN items. I want something that I earned so hard in-game to be shown.

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