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Ninja-patched changes to Conquest War rules in BDO SEA

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PA introduced a change in last week's BDO SEA patch (a patch that included most elements of Valencia 2) that replaced the old rules in which conquest wars lasted for 4 hours, regardless of a gate being destroyed or not.

This change, in effect, reduced the time in which attackers could attempt to destroy the castle gates. The patch, however, did not include the new siege walls, weapons, elephants, etc.

The change was not listed in the patch notes at that time, resulting in quite a lot of confusion at the sudden end of  the weekly conquest war. I know PA said they would work harder on making sure all patch changes are documented in the patch notes, and I know that mistakes happen, but PA's piecemeal approach to introducing changes to the game makes such slip-ups more likely.  And since many such changes are introduced without prior discussion with players or at an unexpected time, we don't even know what we should be looking for or what might be missing from patch notes. 


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