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BDO Inven Global's Weekly Pet Giveaway Event Winners - 3rd Week of May

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Greetings to adventurers from Inven Global!

We have finally come to the 3rd event in May! Many of you, players, left many comments & posts in our BDO forum. As always, many thanks!

We have 4 winners for this week's event! Drumrolls, please!

Following are the names of the lucky winners who will get a BDO pet in return for participating in our event!

◇ NakedToast
◇ AnarchyInUK
◇ IGabrant
◇ Milen_Genchev

Congratulations for winning the event! We will be sending you guys a separate email asking for the following information: the pet that you want (1,100 Pearls or less), your Family Name, your Character Name, and the server you play in (NA or EU).

Again, thanks to all those who joined! This event will continue so if you haven't gotten a pet yet, we hope you will get one next week! :)

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