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BDO Inven Global's weekly pet giveaway event winners - 2nd week of May

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Hello, Adventurers! This is BDO Inven Global.

Today is the day we announce the winners of our pet giveaway event in the second week of May! Thank you for all your opinions, comments, and questions as always. 

The four winners that will get a free pet are:


Congratulations for winning the event! We will be sending you guys a separate email asking for the following information: the pet that you want (1,100 Pearls or less), your Family Name, your Character Name, and the server you play in (NA or EU).

This is the fifth time that we’ve announced the winners of the event. Unfortunately, we could not send a pet to everyone who won the event because some of you did not answer our email. If you have won the event in previous weeks but have not replied yet, please feel free to send us an email at anytime!

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