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BDO Inven Global's weekly pet giveaway event winners - 1st week of May

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Hello, everyone! This is BDO Inven Global.

This is the first week of BDO Inven's weekly giveaway event in May! A lot of you shared your opinions in our forum and we were happy to see your enthusiasm.

We've selected four winners this week as well. Are you ready to see who won the events?

Below is the list of the winners who will receive a pet as a reward.

◇ ShimrraFiril
◇ jake7652
◇ Nika
◇ AlreadyEnd_Bro

Congratulations on everyone who won the event this week! We will be sending an email to each person asking for the following information: the pet that you want (1100 pearls or less), your family name, your character name, and the server you play in (NA or EU).

Thank you for your continued support for us and good luck next week! =)

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