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Partial Gameplay video for Lahn's Awakening released in BDO KR

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A short trailer for Lahn's Awakening has been released in BDO KR on Jan 10th. As the official/full trailer is not ready yet, BDO has released a partial trailer that features Lahn's Awakening gameplay.


As teased in the screenshot that was released last week, the Lahn uses dual wielding swords with chains attached to them as her Awakening weapon. The short teaser features her dynamic action with the dual swords and the chains.


Lahn's Awakening will be live in the KR server on Thursday, Jan 11th.


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      Hi :) This GM's notes give the lore for Lahn's Awakening and some brief descriptions on Lahn's Awakening skills. The name of her Awakening weapon is Hyul-Ryoo-In (literally means "Blood Flow Blade") and it says she has the deadliest grab. The Awakening weapon is dual swords with chains attached to them, and she has some ranged skills where she attacks by throwing the weapon at enemies. The Awakening skills include grab skill, mobility skill, and bleeding damage skill. The update is coming to KR tomorrow, so we will be able to give you more details very soon. We'll let everyone know about the details via a separate post tomorrow after actually playing the character. Thank you!

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    level 1 Matthew_Armada

    Am I the only one finding it underwhelming so far? Must be the teaser being so short, because the weapon is pretty bad-ass. Is it going to be live around 10 a.m. in KR, which means later today for people who live in the Americas? Thanks for being so quick in bringing us the news :)

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