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The Lucky Winners for Inven Global’s First Weekly BDO Pet Giveaway Announced!

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Hello, adventurers! This is Inven Global!

It’s been a week since our first weekly BDO giveaway began! We were genuinely surprised that so many adventurers made visits to the event announcement and participated in our event by leaving comments and writing in our BDO forum.

That is why we decided to have four winners instead of just two in order to repay your support and interest! Thank you so much!

Here are the lucky winners who will be given pets:

◇ beatnikhero
◇ Lethalice
◇ Cha-
◇ OpieOP

Congratulations to the 4 winners! We will be sending a separate e-mail to each winner, asking for 3 things - the pet you want to receive (equivalent to 1,100 pearls or less), your family name, and your character name.

We will hold giveaways every week so those who weren’t lucky this time can try again next time! Again, thanks for your participation! :D


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