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Cron Stones transferred to Caphras Energy when Cron Enhancement fails

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Source - BDO Inven KR Haugo 

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As you can see in the below screenshots, at first 52 Caphras Stones were needed to level up the Cahpras Level. After he used 254 Cron Stones for regular Enhancement and the Enhancement failed, the required amount of Caphras Stones dropped to 40. 

5% of 254 is 12.7, and the required amount of Caphras Stones dropped by 12. Based on the experiment it can be concluded that 5% of the Cron Stones used will be transferred (decimals ignored) as Caphras exp. 

52 Caphas Stones are required to reach the next Caphras Level.

254 Cron Stones are used for regular enhancement, and the enhancement fails.

The number of required Caphras Stones dropped by 12 (5% of 254), and now 40 Caphras Stones are needed to reach the next Caphras Level. 


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