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Item Bonus Stats per Caphras Level Table (Caphras Enhancement Stats Table)

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Source: BDO KR Patch Notes, edited version 

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    level 1 Divian


    What is the difference ev from add ev ?

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      level 1 Meii


      Think of them as basic evasion stat and hidden evasion stat. For example, when it says ‘Evasion 77 (120)’ on an armor, it means it has 77 Ev and 120 Add Ev; the stat 77 adds up with the DP and Renown Score while 120 is in effect in actual combats but not added to the written stat.

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      level 1 Tiri

      @Meii Thank you very much!
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    level 1 Tiri

    Is there info how many Caphras should we use for each level of enhancement?..

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    level 1 ovidus

    nice, thanks for this

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    level 1 gaminggod

    This has to be the worst caphras sheet on earth with absolutely useless information. Trash website.

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