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BDO NA Round Table Past, Present and Future Goals.

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Hello everyone! I'm Professor Ozpin from the NA Community, known to host the Siege Podcasts & Community Protests Podcasts previously. In November the guild ManUp opened up a Community Protest discord to coordinate a large scale protest in an effort to see the state of the servers to be addressed. I was invited along to assist known for my promise from day 1 to bring about changes for the Community, not for one guild or another as one of the more neutral minded people on NA. I began my mission with a promise to the community to work together with other streamers and voices in the community without using Twitch on my own to ensure neutrality and no self gaining agenda to support growth in the community rather than in one person or in one guild.  As time went on guilds such as BlackRose, Snake, FML and so on have set aside differences for the greater good and began to all come up with amazing ideas to protest major problems in the community, namely the Server Stability. Instances of protest included but were not limited to, pearl black outs, log in black outs, siege black outs, twitch black outs and even in game mass gatherings. Small scale changes were made to address these things and as such did not prove too effective for what our united goal was. In January Orca and Factomg were a focus point by the community in a official Kakao Games sponsored tournament which was both well received by some members of the community and enraged others out of fear this would overshadow everything that has been done to bring about change. Having personally spoken with both people I can say they are good people and have the right intentions and have even contributed to what's now become my vision for all of the BDO communities today.  In March while engaging in discussion with several members of the community a dawning realization occurred to me that goes overshadowed to many given the heat of passion we share for some concerns. Often, many will ask or claim their respective publisher from each community doesn't play the game nor communicate with them yet beyond complaining nothing meaningful has been done to address that at that time. There's simply no bridge per say, between Community-Publisher alike. No one person, nor should one guild be the ones to voice an entire Communities concerns back and forth either, so a system I began work on was to round up a known reputable figure that represented each area of the game from the NA side of things to form a Round Table, as I alone could not convey all the community concerns nor should any one person be in a position where they have no peer to keep them in check. So with that in mind began work on the NA Round Table idea which consists of Life Skillers, PvE, Small scale & Large scale PvP players from different competitive guilds so no one guild dominates the table, Role Players and Steam Players. This ensures the representatives of each community within the NA Community make the round table well-rounded with knowledgeable people whom were well received by a majority and can convey back important information that Kakao Games gives their consent to. With that said, we've met with Kakao Games and have held call discussions that have ranged from 1~3 hours a session and interact regularly through text communications to provide a bridge between the NA Community and the NA Publisher. I write here today about this in hopes this sparks something more, something bigger than that. Pearl Abyss say their dream is a "Global build" or a "global siege" of sorts. Something each community should do on their side to satisfy a similar dream is to have a "Global Sync" of round tables. There should be an NA, EU, KR and so forth round table between each respective community and the company in charge of that region in regards to Black Desert Online so the majority of the community can comfortably say they're having their voices heard once and for all. All it takes is one person to take on the heavy role of leading that charge and finding the right people to form a team and that team will take things far in finding success in breeding a healthy relationship with their publisher. Please, if you're reading this from EU or KR and so forth please consider stepping up for your community as I have. Together on a global scale we can make a significant impact to the future of Black Desert Online much like NA has. On one final note, you may find a summary of what we've discussed with Kakao Games thus far in the following link and please note only the things that we're allowed to say are noted as those were things not bound by contract to be spoken about.


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