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Brief preview on the updates coming to KR on March 22nd - new World Boss!

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New World Boss, Garmoth the Red Dragon, will be added.

- Garmoth has a lot of patterns while airborne, and its attacks have large AoE.

- Garmoth will summon minions called Gaktums.

- Garmoth will drop Heart of Garmoth, an item for reforming Nouver/Kutum off-hands.

- Garmoth will appear on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Changes to the Fairy 

- The Fairy will be able to be incarnated. (Fairy level, personality/voice type, and Fairy skills will be refreshed.)

- A new system where you can upgrade your Fairy will be added.

New Event: Blooming Cherry Blossom 

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    level 1 Lazarus_Left

    When will official patch be updated?

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