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BDO 2.0 patch notes - a man can dream

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Me and a couple friends who've been around BDO since launch were talking about the issues we have with the game and the reasons people tend to quit. We talked quite a bit about how we wish things were, so I decided to write this and who knows? Maybe it gets some traction. Or maybe this gets shot down by the playerbase :p Anyhow, the idea is to keep most of the core gameplay mechanics while playing around with some other things.


• Start your subscription and earn awesome prizes!
- Event will run from 10/24 - 11/14. Prizes will be distributed on the maintenance following the event's end.
• Level up and receive bonuses!
- Event will run from 10/24 - 11/14. Bonuses can be claimed through the challenge interface (Y).


• New BDO 2.0 Servers added. These servers include drastic changes in the way item and item upgrades work, as well as offering a fresh start to all players. BDO 2.0 servers work on a subscription model and offer a limited cash shop. Details can be found through the patch notes.

• BDO 2.0 Servers will launch with all available classes, and Calpheon unlocked. New zones will unlock progressively, with Mediah unlocking roughly two weeks from now, and Valencia 4-5 weeks after that.


• Boss gear (armor and weapons) have been removed from the game. Instead, world and field bosses, as well as the night vendor, will drop/offer 2-5 crafting materials, as listed below (Primary stat/Secondary stat):
♦ Kzarka: Kzarka's Tendril - Precision/AP
♦ Nouver: Nouver's Claw - AP
♦ Kutum: Kutum's Engraving - AP/DP
♦ Karanda: Karanda's Feather - DP/AP
♦ Offin Tett: Offin Tett's Sap - AP/Precision
♦ Bheg: Bheg's Molar - AP/Precision
♦ Red Nose: Red Nose's Nose-ring DP/AP
♦ Dim Tree: Dim Tree's Branches - DP/Precision

These crafting materials can be used in new houses in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, Valencia and Grana to empower Ultimate gear (green) with desired stats at any moment. Unempowered Ultimate gear can be upgraded up to DUO. TRI+ is only unlocked after the item is empowered.
Empowering an item maintains its original bonuses (such as Yuria's Humanoid damage) while enhancing its primary stats and giving it new bonuses according to the enhancement chosen. You can enhance multiple pieces with the same boss ingredients for diminished returns on the bonuses. For instance:

♦ DUO Ultimate Yuria weapon: 84-93 AP/ 140 Accuracy / 22 Additional Damage to Humans
♦ DUO Draconis Yuria weapon (Nouver Enhancement): 96-103 AP/ 140 Accuracy/ 22 Additional Damage to Humans/ 10% resistance/ Dragonfire
Dragonfire: Your attacks have a chance to summon a fireball, dealing 743%-1320%x2 damage in an area in front of you. Damage increases with enhancement level.
♦ DUO Corrupted Yuria weapon: 90-98 AP/ 180 Accuracy/ 22 Additional Damage to Humans/ 12 Additional Damage to Monsters/ Corrupted Might
Corrupted Might: Dealing damage over a certain threshold increases all your damage by 15% for 6s. Threshold decreases with enhancement level.

• The item upgrade system has been revamped! Upgrading an item is now always guaranteed, but requires an extensive amount of ingredients from different avenues of play, getting harder as the player progresses through enhancement levels. For instance:
Grunil Armor
♦ +5 - > +6: 4x Black Stone (Armor); 12x Wolf Blood; 10x Khuruto Claw; 10x Troll Teeth; 10x Saunil Battleplate; 10x Chimaera Spirit
♦ PRI - > DUO : 4x Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor); 20x Clown's Blood; 12x Elixir of Concentration; 250x Zinc Ore; 20x Melted Platinum Shard; 150x Bandit Silver Pouch; 150x Helms Carapace; 150x Manes Hide
♦ DUO - > TRI: 10x Boss Crafting Item; 25x Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor); 100x Legendary Beast Blood; 20x Giant's Draught; 500x Gahaz Crimson Burlap; 500x Desert Naga Scale 500x; Fogan Egg; 100x Centaur Knot; 200x Basilisk Tail.

• Accessories will work in similar fashion, requiring items from different avenues of play, but in much higher amounts than weapon or armor enhancing when going for TRI+.

- > We hope these changes allow players to have more freedom when choosing which gear to use, and make the relationship between gear and combat less passive. This also aims at reducing player frustration when gearing in endgame.

• Players can now create up to 15 characters per account.

• Characters now have 120 inventory slots. These can be upgraded to 135 slots through in-game quests.

• Characters now gain weight limit as they level up, going from 400 at level 1 to cap at 1200 at level 60.

• Pets are now exclusively available through quests that can be completed once every two weeks in the capitals. Each capital offers different species and colors.


• With the introduction of the reduced pearl shop and pearl functionality, certain processes that could be sped up by spending pearls no longer have this option but instead are naturally faster.
♦ Worker production is roughly 25% faster.
♦ Worker promotion is 75% faster.
♦ Horse Breeding is roughly 40% faster.
♦ Fairies now gain 100% more chance to improve their tier from all sources.

• The maximum price for most gathering items has been vastly increased. Most items like logs, herbs, ores, and other gathering/farming/alchemy materials will see a 300-400% increase in maximum price.

• Memory Fragment has been removed from the game. You will be sourly remembered.

• Price for enhanced armors and weapons will fluctuate according to the price of the items required for their upgrade.

• The Market Tax is now a fixed 10%. This applies to the sales of workers and horses as well.

• The items that drop from different mobs around the world and which are required for equipment upgrade have been implemented! They weight 0.00L and can have their drop chance increased with Monster Knowledge and Node Level.

○[Pearl Shop]○

• The reduced Pearl Shop has opened its doors! With the opening of the subscription servers, many items have been removed from the Pearl Shop as their functionality is no longer necessary or have been implemented into the core game.
♦ Artisan's Memory has been removed.
♦ Inventory and character expansions have been removed.
♦ Pets have been removed.
♦ Coupons such as horse death reset and skill change have been removed. These will now be available in-game through horse races.
♦ Blessing of Kamasylve, Book of Combat, Merv's Palette, and the Value Pack have been removed. Their effects have been implemented into the core game.

The main attraction of the Pearl Shop are the costumes and our newest addition, skill effects. These can change the color and style of a class's skill and will be priced according to their impact. Stay tuned!

The entire game someday. Maybe. One can dream?


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    These ideas are not good.
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