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Brief preview on the KR updates that are coming on Feb 22th

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1) New function where you can search for specific recipes and only show the recipes that you already know has been added in the Cooking/Alchemy window. 

2) Marketplace registration notification system improved
- The registration notification will now show the past records of Marketplace registration (maximum of 20) for all of the items that you have set, instead of just showing the latest one.

3) Guild Leaders can set limit to the amount of guild money that a guild member can use in guild shops (to purchase guild juices, etc.)

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Comments :3

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    level 1 Nutoboni


    Hey, what about this ?

    Will they really add tri gears for guild money ?

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      level 1 Connor_Murphy


      Its a Guild Master only item that lasts for 15 days.

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      level 1 Connor_Murphy

      @Connor_Murphy This is the actual item for those curious.

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